Creating a Mood Board Part 2

As I said in Part 1 of this post, a mood board is an image or grouping of images that helps you to focus your intention and manifest the changes you want in your life. For some people, it’s a spiritual practice and for others it’s a visual “to do” list, reminding them of their goals. Typically this board, often a bulletin or magnetic board, is placed in a highly visible location where it is walked by, looked at or interacted with on a regular basis.

It’s similar to an architect creating a blueprint for a house. In this case, you’re the architect and you’re designing a blueprint for your life. This way, a mood board helps you to become clear about what you want and keeps your life on the right path.

What do I put on a Mood Board?

Photos from Pinterest and magazines are the obvious starting points. You could also incorporate photos and souvenirs from places you’ve travelled, postcards, quotations, stickers, ribbon, receipts, money, stones, leaves, flowers, fabric, portraits… anything really.

There’s no wrong way to do it.

Get really witchy and use your hair or graveyard dirt.

It’s all about personal significance. Some people like to flip through a pile of old magazines and see what the Universe brings them. Other people like to seek out specific images from the vastness of cyber space. I’m the latter but you might be the former.

Or maybe you want to create all the images yourself. A mood board made entirely of late-night sketches and napkin doodles is a force to be reckoned with.

Or, just write quotes with lipstick on your bathroom mirror. Your reflection becomes the image. Witchy indeed.

Need a quote? This one is taped to the wall by my bed:

The useless days will add up to something. The shitty waitressing jobs. The hours writing in your journal. The long meandering walks. The hours reading poetry and story collections and novels and dead people’s diaries and wondering about sex and God and whether you should shave under your arms or not. These things are your becoming. – Cheryl Strayed

Things You Don’t Have to Think About (but I do Because I Over-analyze Everything Because ISSUES)


Hate green? Don’t use it. Want more love/sex? Incorporate red. Want to be more assertive? Avoid childish colors like pastel pink. Color is important. Orange gives you energy. Yellow promotes happiness. Gold and green are great for abundance and prosperity and… well.. CASH. Blue is calming. My board has a lot of ocean tones because I’m a Pisces and I find water very comforting. Maybe you’re a Capricorn who loves snowcapped mountains. Whatever floats your proverbial boat.

Lightness and Darkness

Depressed? Maybe pick lighter colors. Want to get in touch with your inner witch? Darker colors might help you.

Feminism and Other Social Concerns Attached to the Images You’ve Chosen

Maybe don’t use an image of a size 0 model if you have issues with self-love.

If you love animals, you might want to avoid photos of circus animals or even photos in which people are wearing leather (leather is kinky but not so animal friendly.)

If you’re using images from advertising campaigns maybe you want to look into who runs the company, what their beliefs are and if they test on animals/treat their employees terribly/belong to a church or belief system that’s opposed to yours. It may sound like a lot of investigating but for most big companies, it’ll take a 30 second Google search.


Numbers have significance. Use them wisely. Witchy numbers include 3, 9 and 12. 21 is an auspicious number in the Tarot. Seven is considered lucky. Your birthday might be interesting to use. Try looking up the numerology of your first name. Or think about how much money you’d like to be making annually. If you want to get witchy (and maybe a little stalker-y) you could use the phone number or house number of your crush in order to attract love. Using a house number or address is great for real estate or home boards. It all depends on how specific you want to get.

The Life Stories of Authors/Artists/Celebrities

Lewis Carroll quotes are whimsical but he was kind of a perv in real life. I love Paul Gauguin’s paintings but he was a mess.. and he may or may not have died from syphilis. Marilyn Monroe was glamourous and sexy but she just wanted to be taken seriously. Sylvia Plath is one of my heros but she stuck her head in an oven when she was 30 years-old… It’s the age-old question of whether an artist’s personal life should inform your opinion of their work?

That being said, Frida Kahlo was an alcoholic, morphine addicted Stalinist towards the end of her life but I have pictures of her EVERYWHERE. When I look at photos of Frida Kahlo, I see a free-spirited bisexual woman who broke conventions of gender, sexuality, art and cultural identity. She was a true, tequila-swigging radical… and for that, I’ll accept that she was deeply flawed, like the rest of us. Actually, Frida is my personal definition of beauty despite the fact that she was chronically ill, severely injured and an amputee in the end. For me, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe considering these things is important to you. Maybe not. It’s up to you.

Decide if You Want a Fixed or Evolving Board

I like a living board. It has better energy. I’m constantly adding, subtracting and re-arranging my board. I always leave extra space so it’s never “finished.” It’s my way of leaving room for the Universe to step in… Room to be surprised… Wiggle room maybe?

If you’re a Virgo who can’t stand an unfinished project, by all means finish it. Same goes for messy vs neat boards. I like a messy board. Maybe you prefer yours to be neat and orderly… which might just put your life in order.

Evolving boards can be made from cork boards, magnetic boards, your refrigerator and any other surface that allows you to easily add and subtract images.

Fixed boards can be framed or made on a canvas like a collage. You can cover it in epoxy or varnish it so it stays beautiful forever, like Snow White.

Go Ahead and Make Your Board

It’s fun. Even if you have NO IDEA what you want, the images you choose can help you figure it out. Look for patterns. Maybe you’re landlocked but you keep picking photos of the beach. Maybe you gravitate towards images of people meditating or looking peaceful. The images you’re drawn to are likely the things/feelings/experiences you want in your life.

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Creating a Mood Board: Part One

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is basically an image or grouping of images that helps you to focus your intention and manifest the changes you want in your life. For some people it’s a spiritual practice and for others it’s a visual “to do” list, reminding them of their goals. Typically this board, often a bulletin or magnetic board, is placed in a highly visible location where it is often walked by, looked at or interacted with.

Mood boards are similar to vision or spell boards. Some people like to group them together or say that they’re “the same thing” which is understandable. In my experience, they look similar but are created with different intentions in mind. The intention part is important. Don’t get hung up on specific names, they’re more like working titles than strict definitions. Like everything in the New Age community, someone else may have a completely different definition/opinion. Which is a good thing.

1. Vision boards are a creation of the Law of Attraction craze that swept through the world via Oprah. People were making boards pre-Oprah but they weren’t referred to specifically as “vision boards” and they weren’t so closely associated with the book The Secret. The intention of a vision board is that you assemble a collage of specific pictures of items/advancements/goals you want to achieve in hopes of attracting them into your life. If you want a new car, for example, you include a picture of the specific make, model and color of the car you desire. Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of the book The Secret. It’s basically the repackaging of a Pagan belief system for a Christian audience…  which is unkind to Pagans and unkind to the poor Christians who are unknowingly making a literal Witch craft, which may or may not be something they’re comfortable with. I think vision boards are prone to being materialistic and demanding. The Universe is infinite but the Universe is not Santa. While 12-year-old Me would have totally asked Santa Universe for an iPad, it’s important to remember that It won’t cave to every demand for new toys. It has more important things to do… like dealing with famine and misogyny.

2. Spell boards are a type of Witchcraft using visual representations to manifest a desired outcome. They are usually made with a specific intention like attracting a new lover or gaining employment. The main difference is that a Witch will use rituals, words of power and spellwork to imprint their intention onto the board. The board is likely placed on an altar or in a sacred space and is worked with nightly for a week, month or moon phase until the spell is complete. By “worked with” I mean a Witch may light a candle every night, allowing the wax to drip onto the board or they might anoint the board with essential oils or surround it in incense smoke. When creating the board the Witch incorporates special sigils, symbols and incantations or representations of goddesses and deities. I love using spell boards… I might write a future post about them.

 3. Mood boards are more personal. They are visual representations of You. What you want, how you want to feel and what that looks like to you. Mood boards are infused with your energy and full of pictures that represent how you want your life to feel. The photos tend to be more symbolic. If someone saw your board, they wouldn’t be able to tell what your goals were specifically. These boards tend to look like beautiful collages. They are witchy is the sense that you’re working with symbolism, color and personal meaning. It’s a way of showing the Universe how you’d like to feel and leaving the specifics open.

For example, you want to vacation in Hawaii. Maybe that’s what you really want. But maybe Hawaii is symbolic of wanting to feel peaceful, happy and free while surrounded by tropical plants and clear water. So you choose photos of oceans and bohemian-artist girls and big, tropical jungles. And then maybe the Universe sends you to Hawaii for 6 days and 7 nights. Or maybe the Universe re-locates you to Bora Bora for a year. Or maybe you make some changes and begin to feel free and happy in your daily life. Maybe you buy a house near a lake with a sunroom full of tropical plants. In all of these scenarios, you get what you want but the Universe decides how to bestow it.

This might make you uneasy, but relinquishing control is often a good thing. Think of it as leaving room for something even better or something more meaningful to manifest. It helps you to move away from the material and focus on your mental/emotional wellbeing. We’re often wrong when we assume that a specific thing will make us happy. It’s like asking for a lover with green eyes when what you really need is a funny, warm person who doesn’t mind that you leave cracker crumbs in the peanut butter jar *ahem*

These are my own brief and highly subjective definitions of different types of board tools. Which is what they are, tools to help you manifest the life you want. Maybe it’s spiritual for you. Or maybe it’s just a visual reminder of your goals. “Meaning” is an entirely personal thing, attach as much or as little of it as you wish.

Mood Boards Part 2

Mi Amor, Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo is my favorite person in the Milky Way, living or dead. She’s a constant source of inspiration. There’s nobody more beautiful, more flawed or more interesting.

La Gran Ocultadora (The Great Keeper of Mysteries,) as Diego called her, was a painter, lover, cripple, bisexual and feminist. She is endlessly fascinating and forever tragic. I like to think of her as the Patron Saint of Sinners and Dance Partner of Death.

She was dainty and graceful, the perfect embodiment of the Devoted Wife.

She swore, smoked, drank tequila and had lesbian affairs with Georgia O’Keefe and Josephine Baker.

She was considered a great beauty, not despite of the unibrow – because of it.

Frida was in chronic pain for most of her life. At 18, a bus accident broke her back and foot. A metal handrail impaled her body, skewering her through her side and vagina… She later joked that the handrail stole her virginity.

She wore flowers in her hair, red lipstick and rings on every finger. Even when she was physically falling apart.

She loved animals.

She was political, outspoken and scandalous. The people of Mexico loved her regardless. They still do, more than 50 years after her death.

Because this blog is my online home, I needed to address her influence on my life, my work and my sense of style.

I hope you love her as much as I do.